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Hands-on: Nove Trident Automatic


Welcome back to Trapped In Time Watches , as always sit back, relax, Take.Your.Time. and join me in the wonderful world of horology.
Today we have something quite unique when it comes to how modern day watches are designed and produced. I want to introduce you to the Nove watch company.
To spare you the punishment of guessing the pronunciation of the brand name, each time you read it, I’ll clarify this instance… ‘Naw-Vay’… which originates from the Latin word for ‘New’.

Nove is a rather new watchmaker, founded in 2015 by Tiffany Meerovitsch who learned the ins and outs of the watch making industry from her father while she was growing up.
Nove stands for creating modern, yet timeless designs.This is something that has left a clear mark on how Nove has positioned itself in the watch game, featuring well (maybe overly?) designed time pieces with a very distinctive design language. The filosophy of this specific design language is that Nove watches have the primary function of being an expression of individuality and character, which also happens to tell the time. Make no mistake though , the Swiss made time pieces that Nove produces are much more than just a fashion statement. They see the light of day where cutting edge watchmaking and design intertwine.

I’m therefore very pleased that this review will feature Nove’s Trident Automatic Dive watch.
The successor to the popular (Swiss made) quartz version of the Trident range.

Unboxing and first impressions

The Nove Trident is a watch that I had been keeping an eye on for quite a while. The watch was featured on multiple youtube channels in the past, but it never really spoke to me as I’m trying to build up my watch collection with automatic movements only. Don’t ask me why. Yes I know that Swiss made quartz movements are equal pieces of art on their own AND they are (generally) superior in terms of keeping time.

As I was saying, I didn’t pull the trigger on it yet as the rumors were going that an automatic version was already wandering in the dark hallways of Nove’s production center. Time passed by and out of the blue, an add for the new Nove Trident AUTOMATIC popped up on my screen. I rushed to the computer, opened the website and ordered it right away. Resulting in a cold cup of coffee but a happy Michael nevertheless.

The Trident Automatic is available in 4 color schemes. A Silver, black, gold/Rosegold and Blue one. Each with the same design language.
I went for the Silver version as this was the most ‘wearable’ of the bunch in my personal opinion. 

Purchase was confirmed, tracking details were provided (something I really appreciate having) and delivery took only a bit longer than one week (Belgium).

The watch came in a semi-rigid, Nove-branded case which I had to open up using a zipper. Personally I prefer a real ‘box’, but I will definitely be using this case for travel purposes because this case does provide bomb-proof protection for your time piece inside.
Upon opening the zipper, the watch is presented on and in a sh*tload of high density foam.
Needless to say, my Trident Automatic came out in mint condition.
The package came with the additional user manual, warranty card, contact card and microfiber cloth.

The packaging and overall feel of the unboxing wasn’t as luxurious or hipster as I would have expected… but honestly, I forgot all about it as my eyes were drawn to and focused on that magnificent centerpiece. 

First thing I can say is ‘I GET IT’. Before buying, receiving, wearing and writing the review for this watch. I did some research on Nove’s heritage and vision on time pieces.
Nove’s advertisement and branding is based on being new and bold, being able to express yourself with the things you wear.
As where more conservative/regular brands are rarely noticed or discussed by non-fanboys, I can definitely see this watch turning heads wherever/whenever it pulls up.
The size, bold design and eye catching Mother Of Pearl dial will certainly make up for a good discussion piece.

Enough talk (followed by more talking that is), let’s take a look at what this bad boy has to offer.


The Trident Automatic is a substantial piece of 316L Stainless Steel case which measures 49mm lug-to-lug. This case features polished shoulders next to brushed top and sides,  chamfered bottom corner, executed with a razor sharp finish. When taking a look at this time piece in profile, you get to experience something special. With a thickness of merely 13,5mm, this really is an extraordinary  dive watch. You don’t often come across a full blown automatic dive watch with these dimensions in terms of thickness. Worth mentioning; most of the thickness is due to the domed sapphire crystal on both the top (double domed, including AR coating)  and case back ( single domed). 
The back displays a mineral crystal see-through case back displaying the mechanical movement inside. 

Another eyecatcher on this Nove Trident Automatic is the Tahitian Mother Of Pearl dial. A beautiful dial with natural origin which displays a mesmerizing hue of colors. Even with this unusual configuration, the overall look and feel of the dial is very modest and clean when comparing it to the rest of the watch. The MOP dial is accompanied by rather small applied indices, a date wheel at the 3 ‘O clock position and  simple, uncluttered mentioning of the logo + ‘swiss made’ label.

The indices and hands are rose gold plated and have a good amount of Superluminova applied to them, which provides good legibility in the dark.

Surrounding the MOP dial, we have a flat, 316L stainless steel, uni-directional bezel with an embossed 60 minute track. Nove chose to execute the bezel in a way that the 3-point ratcheting system is visible, showing 3 spring-loaded ratchets which prevent backplay within the bezel.

Very impressive to see how good this layout works, both on a design and functional approach. 

The screw-down crown of the Trident is also plated in rose gold with a very intriguing angular shape.The shape makes it very grippy. It also contributes to securing the 200m of water resistance Nove claims for this watch.

Nove’s bold design also follows through into a very interesting and rather unusual bracelet. It looks futuristic but suits the overall look of the watch very well. Featuring solid 316L stainless steel links which are finished with a brushed effect and polished sides. Starting at the full width of the case, it measures 48,5mm but tapers down to a more wearable 22mm at the clasp. 

The fully milled butterfly clasp is very comfortable to wear and locks secure. Nove’s stamped logo is a nice touch and adds to the sense of luxury to the watch.
The bracelet can be easily removed by removing the screws on either side of the lugs. A nice feature to have, but the custom shape of the lugs will also prevent you from swapping out the bracelet for an aftermarket one as this will probably not fit without any adjustment.

At the heart of this Nove Trident we find the Swiss made Ronda R150 movement. With a beat rate of 28.800 vibrations per day, a power reserve of 40 hours, bidirectional automatic winding action, handwinding and hacking, you really get a beast of a movement within this slim package… running at max +/- 20 seconds per day.

Back to the sea

We’re still enjoying our summer holiday and after two exhausting days at the theme park, (where I tested out my new Field/Toolwatch: check the review HERE) we decided to have a relaxing day at the beach. This was the perfect opportunity to take the Trident back to its roots (Sadly the closest thing to its roots is the Belgian coast, as the MOP dial originates from Tahiti. Hit me up Nove if you’d be interested in getting me to Tahiti for a true origin photoshoot ! *LOL*). 

The bracelet was sized up for my wrist with a lot of ease. Although I highly recommend getting the appropriate tools to remove the pins from the links.
Even though the butterfly clasp does not house any micro-adjustments, I got the bracelet to the perfect size for my 16,8 cm wrist.

When looking at the dimensions of this watch, I was a bit hesitant to get this thing on my wrist. I like both smaller and bigger watch sizes, but the overall dimensions and ‘visual weight’ on my wrist needs to be right. I’ve worn 40mm diameter watches where the lug + endlink design was completely messed up, resulting in a bad fit even though the watch size should fit my wrist perfectly.
I have to say that Nove did a great job with this Trident. The overall functional design of this watch is top notch and you can see that a lot of thought went into finding the best possible form factor for this timepiece. Even with the very big dial and bezel configuration, this Trident does not look like a dinner plate that was strapped to my wrist. The thin profile, curved sapphire glass at the case back, well designed lugs and end links make up for a comfortable and elegant fit. I was also pleasantly surprised that this watch wears a lot more compact than you would think. Certainly given the weight of this piece I was wondering if it would be advised to wear it a whole day. After wearing it for more than 18 hours on my wrist, I can say with confidence ‘YES you can’. By making the watch this thin, it does not feel top heavy (which is often the problem with bigger/heavier/chunky watches) and thus really wearable for a longer amount of wrist time.

I mentioned in my intro that I saw this watch more as a discussion piece due to its bold design. I still think this is an unusual styling which will definitely stand out when comparing it to the watches that can be found on  ‘average Joe’s’ wrist. That being said, I did not feel like I was wearing an overly flamboyant watch that was screaming ‘LOOK AT HOW COOL I AM’.

Even with the raw and bold exposed bezel mechanism, this Nove Trident succeeds in being a wearable time piece with a stylish and tasteful design language thanks to the modest approach of that beautiful Mother Of Pearl dial, which balances out the overall visual appearance of the watch.

The bezel action of the watch feels smooth and well constructed. I was a bit scared about the dust collection in between the ratchets… so I was utterly terrified taking it out on the beach, thinking the sand would completely fill up and prevent the movement from smoothly turning ever again.

Heartbroken, I decided to lay it down in the sand for some pictures. I did not bury it, but there was a considerable amount of sand between the ratchets of the mechanism. I went to the waterside and immersed it in the hope all the sand would’ve disappeared and the watch would still look/function as it did coming out of the box.
Almost all of the sand had been washed out and the bezel rotated without any problem ‘PHOOOOH, that worked out just fine luckily.’

The day came to an end and during the ride home I was mesmerised by the beautiful spectacle of colors the MOP dial was putting on while the sun was going down.

Once home, I rinsed the watch once more with tap water, cleaned it quickly with a toothbrush and rubbed it down with the microfiber cloth Nove included in the box.

With a smile on my face, I layed the Trident down to rest in my watch box, still looking brand new.

The verdict

With the Trident Automatic, Nove has succeeded in creating a truly remarkable timepiece.

Featuring an unusual, bold bezel design in combination with a tasteful MOP dial it has accomplished to keep the watch wearable while standing out in the crowd, being a real conversation piece.
Make no mistake though, this is not a fashion brand.
Yes, Nove puts a lot of emphasis on the design of it’s watches but the Swiss Ronda movement, premium materials and outstanding finish make up for so much more than just a jewel on the wrist. 

The Trident Automatic is a  premium, full blown dive watch in an ultra thin package with bold yet  tasteful design elements and shows that it’s possible to combine both daring design and horologic technology in a great timepiece.

Michael – Trapped In Time Watches

Feel free to check out the Trident Automatic and the other great watches that Nove has to offer at: and make sure to use TITW10 to get 10% off your purchase. (Valid ’till 31 December)

Note: Trapped In Time Watches does not earn any commission on any purchase you make.


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